Episode 018 Bogleheads on Investing, guest Paul Merriman, host Rick Ferri

We are pleased to announce our February 2020 Bogleheads on Investing guest: Paul Merriman. Paul Merriman is a nationally recognized authority on mutual funds, index investing, asset allocation and both buy-and-hold and active management strategies. Now retired from Merriman, the

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Leveraged Portfolios – Quantitative Analysis

In the past decade, a specialized type of fund gained increased popularity, funds implementing leverage over a given index. A previous article explored funds leveraging the S&P 500 index. This article will focus on a portfolio-level approach mixing stocks and treasury bonds, to quantitatively explore the outcome of leveraging in the context of a long-term buy and hold approach.

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South Florida Local Chapter meeting, January 26, 2020

The following guest post is courtesy of South Florida Local Chapter member Lazy Nihilist. We had our semi-annual South Florida Bogleheads meetup last Sunday 26th Jan. at Stirling Rd. branch library. It was a special occasion as we celebrated Taylor

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Under the hood – Vanguard international index funds in 2019

Vanguard issues annual reports for the firm’s international and global index funds on October 31 of each year. The reports provide information that can highlight some of the underlying conditions affecting a fund’s future capital gains distribution outlook; an indication

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Vanguard treasury bond index fund tracking error

The following tables provide tracking error data for Vanguard treasury bond index funds. Tracking error is the ultimate measure of judging an index fund manager’s performance. Vanguard offers four treasury bond index funds, three nominal treasury bond funds, covering short-term,

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Lazy Portfolios in 2019

The following table lists 2019 total returns for various examples of “lazy portfolios”. Some of the portfolios (Coffeehouse and Coward’s) are designed as 60/40 stock/bond portfolios. Other portfolios (Armstrong Ideal and Swensen) are designed as 70/30 stock/bond portfolios. The two-fund, three-fund, and

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William Bernstein’s Coward’s Portfolio – 2019 update

William Bernstein, investment manager and author, first introduced a version of his “Coward’s portfolio” in 1996. The “coward” refers not to the investor’s risk tolerance but to the strategy of hedging one’s bets and having slices of a number of

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Frank Armstrong’s Ideal Index portfolio – 2019 update

Frank Armstrong III, investment advisor and author, offers the following seven fund “Ideal Indexed” portfolio in his book, The Informed Investor: A Hype-Free Guide to Constructing a Sound Financial Portfolio (published December 16, 2003). The portfolio employs a 70% equity

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David Swensen’s portfolio (from Unconventional Success) – 2019 Update

David Swensen, investment manager of the Yale University Endowment Fund, has addressed how investors should set up and manage their investments in his book, Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment. The Swensen portfolio consists of six core asset

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The Coffeehouse Portfolio- 2019 Update

The Coffeehouse portfolio is an indexed seven-fund portfolio popularized by financial planner and author Bill Schultheis. The portfolio holds the following asset classes: US large cap stocks US large value stocks US small cap stocks US small cap value stocks

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