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As a long time forum member, I appreciate the time and effort related to developing and updating our Wiki. This site is the best website on the internet!

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It is not an exaggeration to say that the wiki changed my life as I transitioned to the Boglehead lifestyle a couple years back. Thank you to all who have contributed to that fantastic project!

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The wiki is a wonderful example of public service and my thanks to all those who keep it going.

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We had Larry Auton, one of the founders of, join us. Larry talked about how the website came into existence and how it was the vision of Taylor and the coming together of Larry and Alex Frakt’s expertise together

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Taylor Larimore

Thank you Alex and Larry for the unselfish contribution of your time and money to provide a website with commercial-free and conflict-of-interest-free “Investing Advice Inspired by Jack Bogle.” It is an honor for me to be associated with such a

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I’m not one to be easily impressed, but must say what you two [Alex and Larry] have accomplished is really remarkable. I hope the owners realize how great of a forum/ community they have created for us. Also, how much

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I have contemplated many, many times the valuable contribution the purity and strict non-commercial aspects of this forum make to its usefulness. I know of no other site where I can go and receive such unbiased, unfiltered, and non-commercial information.

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