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The International Boglebot

Designed for non-US investors, your Boglebot financial advisor will help collect your thoughts on asset allocations and provide some options as to what you could consider for your retirement portfolio.

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Calculating personal returns

Some investors like to calculate their personal returns. This page provides a spreadsheet for Bogleheads to calculate their personal returns in a uniform manner.

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Retiree Portfolio Model

The Retiree Portfolio Model is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet created by a retiree for retirees. It models the most common financial aspects of a retiree and their spouse’s lives, including pensions, Social Security benefits, living expenses, IRA Required Minimum Distributions, purchase of an annuity, sale of a house, and many other items including Federal and state income taxes. All of this data is used to create a model of their accounts over a period of 1 to 40 years.

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Variable percentage withdrawal

Variable percentage withdrawal (VPW) is a withdrawal method that adapts to the retiree’s retirement horizon, asset allocation, and portfolio returns during retirement. It combines the best ideas of the constant-dollar, constant-percentage, and 1/N withdrawal methods to allow the retiree to spend most of the portfolio using return-adjusted withdrawals. By adapting withdrawals to market returns, VPW will never prematurely deplete the portfolio.

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Open Social Security

Open Social Security is a free, open-source Social Security strategy calculator. The tool is developed by Mike Piper, who blogs at Oblivious Investor.

The calculator runs the math for each possible claiming age (or, if you’re married, each possible combination of claiming ages) and reports back, telling you which strategy is expected to provide the most total spendable dollars over your lifetime.

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Social Security Calculator

This site is designed to give individuals a clear idea of what their Social Security retirement benefits might be. It uses data provided by the Social Security website for an earning’s record. From that data, the site produces a detailed Social Security report.

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Ibonds and more

An Excel spreadsheet that uses a macro to compute the values of each I Bond in a portfolio. It differs from the Savings Bond Calculator and Savings Bond Wizard in a couple of ways:

Computes the values for twelve months at a time instead of only one.
Works with any denomination; not just the ones that paper bonds were issued in.

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Portfolio visualizer

Portfolio Visualizer provides online portfolio analysis tools for backtesting, Monte Carlo simulation, tactical asset allocation and optimization, and investment analysis tools for exploring factor regressions, correlations and efficient frontiers.

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Portfolio charts

Many creative investors break the mold and build their own portfolios. These spreadsheets are designed for quick experimentation and can all be modified to study any asset allocation you wish.

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Simba’s backtesting spreadsheet

The backtesting tool is a spreadsheet to backtest portfolio returns from 1972 to present [1985 to present if you want to include certain Sector/Tax-Exempt funds that started after 1985] of various Vanguard Mutual Funds. This tool is customizable and you can add the returns for any mutual fund.

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