The Bogleheads’ Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio

The Bogleheads’ Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio: How a Simple Portfolio of Three Total Market Index Funds Outperforms Most Investors with Less Risk, written by Taylor Larimore, and published by Wiley.

Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (June 26, 2018)
ISBN-13: 978-1119487333

From the publisher

Wiley, the publisher, states:

Twenty benefits from the three-fund total market index portfolio. 

The Bogleheads’ Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio describes the most popular portfolio on the Bogleheads forum. This all-indexed portfolio contains over 15,000 worldwide securities, in just three easily-managed funds, that has outperformed the vast majority of both professional and amateur investors.

If you are a new investor, or an experienced investor who wants to simplify and improve your portfolio, The Bogleheads’ Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio is a short, easy-to-read guide to show you how.


Table of Contents

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