Retiree Portfolio Model

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The Retiree Portfolio Model is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet created by a retiree for retirees. It models the most common financial aspects of a retiree and their spouse’s lives, including pensions, Social Security benefits, living expenses, IRA Required Minimum Distributions, purchase of an annuity, sale of a house, and many other items including Federal and state income taxes. All of this data is used to create a model of their accounts over a period of 1 to 40 years.

A feature of this model allows the user to compare their normal portfolio results with one that includes alternative choices, such as doing Roth IRA conversions, choosing alternative Social Security starting ages and benefits, or buying a Single Premium Immediate Annuity. This model was created using Excel 2003 and is compatible with LibreOffice Calc and possibly Google Sheets. All formulas and results are completely viewable and can be unprotected, allowing user customization.

The model was developed by forum member BigFoot48.

The first post in this Bogleheads® forum topic: Retiree Portfolio Model contains the link for downloading the spreadsheet. Also use this topic to receive assistance or ask questions.

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