interviewFinancial Page occasionally interviews forum members on various topics. Here is a handy reference for our interviews.

ClarkBo:  Entrevista de Bogleheads España

January 2, 2020
Entrevista de Bogleheads España

Norbert Schlenker: The Financial Wisdom Forum interview

December 9, 2018
Interview with Norbert Schlenker:The Financial Wisdom Forum

LadyGeek interview

December 4, 2018
Interview with LadyGeek: Bogleheads site administrator

Kathleen, Nadeem, and Mahendra: The Bogleheads Facebook Page interview

December 1, 2018
Interview with Kathleen, Nadeem, ad Mahendra: The Bogleheads Facebook Page

Taylor Larimore interview

June 15, 2018
Interview with Taylor Larimore: Taylor’s investment journey

Taylor Larimore interview

February 21, 2018
Interview with Taylor Larimore, author of The Bogleheads Guide to the Three-Fund Portfolio

Mel Lindauer interview

February 1, 2017
Interview with Mel Lindauer, President of The John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy


Barry Barnitz, an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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