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Bogleheads® forum discussion: Re: Ibond calculator

… an Excel spreadsheet that uses a macro to compute the values of each I Bond in a portfolio. It differs from the Savings Bond Calculator and Savings Bond Wizard in a couple of ways:

  • Computes the values for twelve months at a time instead of only one.
  • Works with any denomination; not just the ones that paper bonds were issued in.

Here is a sample screen shot:
The values agree with one row from my web pages that show the entire history of an I Bond. For example, the 12 values for the first bond listed above correspond to the year 2012 in $25 I Bond with 3.40% Fixed Rate Purchased September 1998.

Click the following link to open or download the Excel file: IBondPortfolioCalculator.XLS

Edit 8/10/12: … a couple of enhancements:

  • Added an option to compute the Gain instead of the Value
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