The discussion forum is where FWF members carry on discussions about everything related to Canadian financial matters. Individual investors can pose questions about financial matters of all kinds, help answer others’ questions, and provide information that might be of interest to do-it-yourself investors. We hope that this will help you to invest on your own, or at least to have more informed conversations with financial advisers.

We encourage newcomers who may have little or no knowledge of finance. There are no stupid questions. In answering, please remember that we were all beginners once.

You can visit the forum as a guest, i.e. without registering, or you can register. Only registered members can post new messages or have access to the non-financial sections. Registration is free.


FWF subforum screenshot

The forum consists of a number of subforums

The forum is moderated. Please be courteous and constructive. Ask yourself whether you are advancing the discussion. You are requested to read and comply with our forum rules.

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