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Bogleheads® España is our brother forum in Spain. According to the forum’s Primera visita:

Welcome to the Bogleheads forum in Spanish. We are sure that you will find very valuable information in order to optimize and simplify your investments. If you are new here and / or you are starting in this investment philosophy, we consider it important that for a better understanding of the approach of this forum and with the registered users that compose it, read and take into account the following:

The Bogleheads philosophy places special emphasis on regular savings , asset diversification and periodic investment regardless of market conditions.

… Remember that in this forum we will talk about the Bogleheads philosophy, always in a respectful and friendly way. We hope you find it interesting.”


Bogleheads® España subforum screenshot

The forum

The forum consists of the following subforums:

Spanish forum




English translation




Inversión Bogleheads – Teoría, Noticias y General Investment Bogleheads – Theory, News and General
Inversión – Ayuda con inversiones personales Investment – Help with Personal Investments
Finanzas personales (no relacionadas con la inversión) Personal finance (not related to investment)
Administración del foro y comunicaciones Administration of the forum and communications
General (Offtopic) General (Offtopic)

Here is a link to Bogleheads® España in English translation. (Note that google translate is not always accurate).

Bogleheads® España on Financial Page

See our interview with ClarkBo, Bogleheads® España (en español).


Barry Barnitz, an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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