Eastern Iowa Bogleheads®

The Eastern Iowa Bogleheads® local chapter first met on April 26, 2008 in Cedar  Rapids, Iowa.  The  chapter has met regularly since its founding. The group holds two semi-annual meetings each year; one in the spring and one in the fall.

From  April 26, 2008 through April 22, 2011 the chapter was known as the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City  (CRANDIC) local chapter. The chapter became known by its present label, Eastern Iowa Bogleheads® on April  23, 2011.

Meeting venues

The chapter held its first meeting in Cooper’s Mill Restaurant (since closed) in Cedar Rapids. Another early (April 2009) meeting was held at Ryan’s restaurant in Cedar Rapids. For many years meetings were held in the Vesta mediterranean restaurant in Coralville. Beginning in 2015 meetings have been held at Cedar Rapids public libraries.


Historical meetings

The meeting history of the group is listed in the slide below (four slides):

Slide link


Contact Bill (wmcclain@watershade.net)

For additional information please refer to Eastern Iowa Bogleheads Local Chapter.


Barry Barnitz, an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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