Bogleheads® España

SpainBogleheads® España is our official affiliate investment site in Spain, where Spanish investors meet for financial education and empowerment. The site consists of two collaborative elements: an investment forum, Bogleheads® España and a financial wiki, La Wiki Bogleheads® España.

The site is designed to help investors learn about basic investment concepts and personal finances. The group has adopted the Boglehead’s philosophy of regular savings, asset diversification, and periodic investment regardless of market conditions.

The group believes in using low-cost exchange-traded index funds, attention to reducing taxes, simplifying the investment process, and staying on track with a long-term investment plan holding diversified assets.

The forum is moderated and the group insists that members converse in a respectful and friendly way.

Foro Bogleheads® en español

Bogleheads® España is our brother forum in Spain. According to the forum’s Primera visita: “Welcome to the Bogleheads forum in Spanish. We are sure that you will find very valuable information in order to optimize and simplify your investments. If

Wiki Bogleheads® España

La Wiki Bogleheads® España  is a resource of investment and financial information for residents of Spain. The wiki is a collaborative enterprise by the members of the Bogleheads® España forum. Esta wiki como todas se nutre de la colaboración. De esta


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