John Bogle articles and speeches


John C. Bogle
(1929 -2019)

The spreadsheet below provides links to downloads of John Bogle’s speeches. The Bogle Financial Markets Research Center, which housed the speeches, is no longer available on the Vanguard site. However, the links to most of the speeches are provided by the Bogle eBlog.

We follow the same organizational format by date that the Bogle blog employs; that is by descending from the most recent speech. The spreadsheet dimensions are larger than page width. Readers can scroll right to see the venue of the speech. The second tab on the sheet provides some additional speech links.

Podcasts of speeches (requiring Windows Media Player) are linked in the third tab.

The fourth tab contains links to John Bogle scholarly articles, downloadable from SSRN, and the Bogle eBlog.

John Bogle op-eds (links at Bogle eBlog) are listed in the fifth tab.

Google spreadsheet

Original sources

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