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Choosing an Asset Allocation Behavioral Aspects

Basic asset allocation is how much of your income/savings is invested in the stock market, bonds, and cash. Much has been written about selecting an asset allocation, and there are several questionnaires available to new investors to assist with deciding

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Understanding Stock Volatility

Portfolio Losses and Volatility Volatility, the constant change in a stock fund or portfolio value, is normal and cannot be avoided. None the less, it scares people, or to be more accurate, downside volatility scares people, while upside volatility makes

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Heads-Up New Indexers

First, welcome to Barry Barnitz’s new investing blog, Financial Page. If you are a new investor in index funds, here is some information to think about. Inflows into mutual funds, and particularly index funds, has been very strong over the

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The thin green line

  The thin green line is the elusive line you must cross to get your fair share of stock market returns. What’s fair share, you ask? Your fair share is the average returns provided by the stock market. You might

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Perspectives on Investing – Fourth article in the Perspectives series.

What we have tried to do in this short series of articles is present the most basic attributes that make an investor an efficient investor, and we’ve done that by looking at investing basics from a slightly different view-point—one that

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Perceptions On Investing – Risk, 3rd in the Series

In the first two articles of this series we focused on attitude and behavior. Investor behavior has far-reaching influence and maybe no where is it more clear than in dealing with your own chosen asset allocation. How do we define

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Perspectives on Investing — Behavioral pitfalls are the No. 1 reason for return slippage.

The first article in this series focused on the importance of having the right attitude and having reachable expectations. In this article, we look at some specific behavioral errors that cause investors to end up with substantially less in their

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Perspectives on Investing – First in a series of articles on investing basics

What makes the average person a better than average investor? The answer is doing just a few things right. Expectations The first thing you need to realize is you cannot know everything you need to know to consistently outsmart the

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