Getting portfolio investing advice from the Bogleheads

One of the most popular features of the Bogleheads® forum, and of our closely affiliated Financial Wisdom Forum (Canada) and  Bogleheads® España foro (Spain) forums, is receiving portfolio investment advice. Membership in the forums is free – all one needs to do is register- and the advice given is likewise free. To assist investors seeking help we will provide each forum’s aids to new posters.

The Bogleheads Forum

US investors

Portfolio questions from US investors should be posted in the Personal Investments forum.

Investors are encouraged to read two introductory posts before asking questions. This helps the investor organize information for speedier and more helpful replies. The posts appear at the top of the Personal Investments forum:

The Bogleheads® Wiki contains introductory information for US investors at Getting started. The wiki page Asking portfolio questions contains a template that can be used to copy and paste into your own “Asking portfolio questions” topic.

Non-US investors

The Bogleheads forum has a global readership. Although the Bogleheads® investment philosophy can be applied to investors world-wide, each country has a different system of taxation, available funds, and regulations. The dedicated Non- US investors forum allows our non-US members to discuss portfolio advice that applies to their country.

Our wiki contains two introductory articles for new members:

When you are ready to ask a question, My portfolio: seeking advice contains a template that can be used to create your forum topic.

The Non-US investing forum is also used for members with investments in more than one country, or reside in one country and invest in another (“ex-pat” status).

US citizens living abroad have special tax concerns and should see Taxation as a US person living abroad.

Financial Wisdom Forum

Canadian investors can ask portfolio questions in the Financial Planning and Building Portfolios forum.

The forum has two introductory topic posts for new members:

Finiki, the Canadian financial wiki, has a helpful Getting started page for new members. Finiki also provides a page that provides an outline for asking portfolio advice questions: My Portfolio: Seeking Advice.

Bogleheads® España

Los inversores en España pueden hacer preguntas de cartera en el foro Inversión – Ayuda con inversiones personales.

Los inversores pueden encontrar información introductoria en la Primera visita. Se alienta a los inversores a utilizar Tempate para Carteras Pesonales para solicitar asesoramiento de inversión.

Se puede encontrar información adicional en Wiki Bogleheads® España. La wiki tiene una página útil para nuevos inversores: Inversión Bogleheads® – Guía para empezar.


Barry Barnitz, an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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