South Florida Local Chapter meeting, July 14, 2019

The following guest post is courtesy of South Florida Local Chapter member Lazy Nihilist.

Striling Road Branch Library

Stirling Road Branch Library

We had our South Florida Bogleheads chapter meeting last Sunday at the Stirling Rd branch library in Hollywood, Florida. We were honored to have Taylor Larimore, who founded the Bogleheads in 1998, and Larry Auton, one of the site owners, with us at the meeting. Larry also maintains and services our website so it runs smoothly. We had forty Bogleheads at the meeting. A few new faces and a lot of familiar ones as well.

Remembering John Bogle

We started off with two short videos:

These were a reminder of Jack Bogle’s investing philosophy. His relentless fight to give everyone a fair shake. His legacy lives on in the more than 80 local Bogleheads chapters and 6 overseas chapters. This in addition to the annual Bogleheads conference.


The main topic of discussion was retirement planning and how it affected Bogleheads.
We had people share their experiences and had interesting conversations about going back to work after retiring and how retirement affects them emotionally and financially.

We also discussed about active investing and what per cent of a portfolio, if any, do Bogleheads invest actively. There were replies about the dangers and futility of active investing and timing the market. Setting aside a small percentage (3-5% or less) of the total portfolio as play money to actively trade was a suggestion.

There was a helpful article printed and provided by Charlie about discussions to change the rules for IRA distribution currently being discussed by congress and how it can affect beneficiaries.

Other topics of discussion included:


We had a lot of delicious food. Sandwiches were provided by Michael Larimore. Ann who recently retired brought homemade cookies. Coffee and supplies were brought by Allison. Technical assistance provided by Jim. Thanks to Miriam for the excellent organization of another Bogleheads meeting.

Group photo

Here’s a picture from the meetup.


South Florida Local Chapter, group photo, July 14, 2019

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