Vanguard funds: per share distributions

The table below contains links to spreadsheets containing Vanguard mutual fund and exchange-traded fund annual per share distributions. These distributions include dividend distributions, capital gains distributions, and return of capital distributions. Data derived from  the EDGAR data base of fund filings. Readers might find the similar page, Fidelity and Schwab index funds: per share distributions, to be of interest.

Vanguard funds: per share distributions 

Stock funds Balanced funds Bond funds
US stock funds Balanced funds Municipal bond funds
Non-us and global stock funds US government bond funds
Sector ETFs Corporate\Investment Grade bond funds

Additional resources

Investment income may be taxable by both the federal and state tax tax systems. For state tax rates refer to State Individual Income Tax Rates, 2019, The Tax Foundation.

Qualified dividends

Under current tax law “qualified dividends” are taxed at lower (0%, 15%, and 20%) federal tax rates. The link below provides recent year reportage of Vanguard fund qualified dividends. The table below preserves past qualified dividend statements.

Tax information-Vanguard funds, qualified dividends, see also past years data tab.

Qualified dividends Qualified dividends Qualified dividends
2015 2011 2007
2014 2010 2006
2013 2009 2004
2012 2008

Treasury interest

Treasury security interest is taxable to the federal tax system but is exempt from state taxation. The link below provides recent year reportage of Vanguard fund treasury interest. The table below preserves past treasury interest statements.

Recent data: Tax information funds, and Prior year tax data archive.


Treasury interest Treasury interest Treasury interest
2012 2009 2006
2011 2008 2005
2010 2007 2004
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