Tampa Bay Bogleheads local chapter meetings (2019)

The following local chapter meeting summaries are courtesy of forum member sleepysurf.  The Tampa Bay local chapter holds quarterly meetings.

February 16, 2019 meeting

We again had five attendees at our February 16 meeting at the Seminole Heights Branch Library. The group consisted of one millennial, one mid 40’s, two retirees, and one working spouse.

After introductions, we had a presentation comparing Vanguard’s Portfolio Watch Asset Allocation analysis vs. those from Morningstar X-ray and Personal Capital. The deficiencies of the Vanguard tool were highlighted, with hopes expressed that it will be upgraded soon. Another member presented his unique approach for determining Asset Allocation utilizing potential dollar losses, rather than just percentages, for a more realistic illustration of risk. We had a productive discussion on those topics, along with others.

  • Each attendee summarized their current AA, and tilts (if any).
  • We reviewed the role that rebalancing serves (primarily to minimize volatility vs. improving portfolio performance).
  • Briefly discussed members views regarding Long Term Care Insurance (none currently carrying it).
  • Reviewed the basics of Asset Location (from a tax standpoint).

For now we’ll stick with a quarterly meeting schedule, so next meeting will likely be early/mid May. Everybody felt the Seminole Heights Library was a convenient central location, so we’ll use it again next time (can easily accommodate 25+ attendees).

semimole heights library

Seminole Heights Branch Library

Thanks again to all who attended. We encourage all local Tampa Bay Bogleheads to get involved with our chapter and help us grow.

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