South Florida local chapter meeting, January 27, 2019

The following guest post is courtesy of South Florida Local Chapter member Lazy Nihilist.

Striling Road Branch Library

Stirling Road Branch Library

We had our 2019 South Florida Bogleheads chapter meeting on Sunday at the Stirling Road Branch Library. The library conference room was full for the meeting with 54 people (13 newbies). This shows a steady growth in members attending.

There was a brief tribute, by Miriam and Taylor, to Jack Bogle (1929 – 2019) to start off the meeting.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

A Senior Advisor from Vanguard Personal Advisor Services was the main Speaker/Presenter. The primary agenda for this meeting was the presentation of the Personal Advisor Services (PAS) provided by Vanguard. The session was interactive, with discussion on topics primarily related to PAS, and attendees having any questions clarified.

Some salient points of PAS are:

  • A dedicated advisor who is a CPA and is salaried by Vanguard and thus does not work on commissions.
  • You can meet your advisor and also have video conference calls.
  • Takes a complete TOP-DOWN approach to investing.
  • Works to tailor solutions for each client’s personal situation.
  • Build around the portfolio a client currently has, but use a core of of Vanguard index funds.
  • Keeps track of plan regularly and suggests rebalancing and tax loss harvesting opportunities.
  • Access to special website to track account information and access to portfolio tools.
  • The advisor serves as an emotional circuit breaker so you don’t panic during market downturns and abandon your plan.

There were members in the meeting who utilized PAS and all of them were quite happy with it.


happy95thWe were once again treated to lunch and sandwiches by Michael Larimore. Ann brought cookies and Allison coffee. Arthur greeted us at the entrance, and Paul and Taffy were at the sign-in table to provide name tags.

We finished off the meeting celebrating Taylor’s 95th birthday.
Thanks very much Miriam for organizing this meeting. I say this each year, but I look forward to many more years of these wonderful meetups.

Group portrait


Group portrait, South Florida local chapter, January 27, 2019

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