2018 South Florida Local Chapter Meeting

The following guest post is courtesy of South Florida Local Chapter members Lazy Nihilist and Miriam2.


We had our 2018 South Florida Bogleheads Chapter meeting on Sunday from Noon to 2pm.
It was great to meet fellow Bogleheads with a good mixture of old and new faces.

We had 52 Bogleheads who signed in and probably a few more who arrived later. We also were fortunate to have several Bogleheads from the Philadelphia chapter join us, as well as snowbirds from Ohio, New Jersey and Chicago. We hope you enjoyed the “balmy” South Florida weekend.

Miriam was the chief organizer of the meeting and deserves a lot of thanks and praise for the excellent organization.

After our initial introductions (which had a touch of AA meeting about them as one Boglehead noted) we turned  to our main topics of discussion:

  1. Assessing Risk assessment during natural disasters.
    What amount of emergency funds and cash should one have during such situations?
    We discussed various strategies like keeping enough cash, using mobile payment applications for payment, etc.
  2. Vanguard Fund Transactions accounting.
    It looks like after Vanguard moved the majority of accounts to Brokerage service, some users are having problems with using the transactions with Quicken and other software.
  3. Vanguard Trust Planning and services.
    There was also discussion about how Vanguard provides one of the best Trust Planning and related services and are very cost effective and don’t have conflict of interests that plague other financial firms



The Larimore family once again generously provided us with sandwiches and Miriam brought snacks and drinks.  We celebrated Taylor’s 94th Birthday as we finished our meetup and I look forward to celebrating many more of them.

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