South Florida Local Chapter Meeting, July 26, 2015

This article is composed by Bogleheads® forum member Miriam2, with an assist from LazyNihilist, who supplied the photos.


Fort Lauderdale

The South Florida Chapter had a wonderful meeting this past Sunday, July 26, 2015, from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. in Ft. Lauderdale. The meeting attracted 24 Bogleheads, including a very special guest – without whom none of us – I really mean NONE of us – would be here right now. His name is Larry Auton, co-founder of the Bogleheads forum.

Larry Auton,is the forum’s server administrator – without whom we would not exist. Larry was in South Florida last Friday the day the forum server slowed waaaay down. When Taylor Larimore contacted him about the slow server and found out Larry was in South Florida, Taylor invited him to our meeting.

What can I say – it was like being in the room with the King of England and Sir Winston Churchill.

Want to know how Larry became a Boglehead? That was back in the Morningstar Vanguard Diehard days. He told us he was at a “career junction” when, what he called “a big bucket of money,” fell into his lap. He knew that would never happen again and he had to invest it wisely. So he researched and learned about investing, came upon Jack Bogle’s books and Vanguard, dumped his bucket of money into Vanguard funds and “has not turned the knobs since.”

He looked at all of us and repeated slowly: “Have not turned the knobs once. Do not turn those knobs!”

Larry described how he and Alex  Frakt created the Bogleheads forum website (you can read it on the Wiki). It’s easy to be spell-bound by Larry’s computer savvy, but he’s such an understated fellow, he said: “It’s really only a website, it’s just a website, it could be anything. It’s the people using it that make it phenomenal.” It was obvious to all of us how special the forum is to him.

Also, at our South Florida Boglehead meeting, we had a fascinating discussion led by Boglehead Charlie H., a former SEC bulldog, about investment fraud. Thank you Charlie!

More thanks

First, we can now report another reason why Taylor’s portfolio is doing quite well. Prior to the meeting, Taylor needed to know the number of Bogleheads who were coming – because he would be bringing one Subway sandwich – ONE sandwich, not two, not a few extra – ONE sandwich for each person.

He nixed the potato salad. He nixed the cole slaw. He even nixed the potato chips.
He is not only remarkably smart, kind, helpful and wonderful, he is also frugal!
The sandwiches WERE delicious, and we thank you Taylor for feeding us well.

Taylor missed no opportunity to remind us to stay the course with low cost index funds, and he brandished the current issue of Money magazine with a feature story on Jack Bogle, vindicating index fund investing.

Thanks to Marisara, we had the perfect room for our meeting, and to Kathleen, who logged in several miles running back and forth to the door to let everyone in, and to our chapter leader Clevername, for moderating the meeting and pulling the curtain, or we would have stayed all day.

And again,  many, many warm thanks to Taylor and Larry for the wonderful meeting!


Barry Barnitz, an administrator of the John C. Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site.

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